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12 Reasons To Study in Canada

The most important factors listed by students when choosing a study destination are location, quality, price and opportunities for further study and employment. Canada is one of the premier destinations for international students for the following reasons:


1. A 2013 HSBC Report found that Canada represents a much less expensive option than other popular study destinations such as the US, UK or Australia. Canada provides higher living standards and arguably a better quality of education.

Post-Graduate Work Permits

2. Canada actively seeks to retain its international graduates and provide a clear path to permanent residence. International students in Canada studying at government approved institutes receive a 3-year post-graduate work permit. Compare this to the UK, who abolished the Post-Study Work visa in April 2012 meaning students must leave the country within 3 months of completing their studies.

Permanent Residence

3. International students have clear routes to become Canadian Permanent Residents shortly after they graduate. There are clearly defined paths to permanent residence in each Canadian province as well as the Canadian Experience Class program. Compared to other leading nations, Canada provides a welcoming immigration policy for it’s international students.


4. The Canadian economy is full of opportunity. By studying in Canada you will open many more doors for career advancement.

5. The worldwide economic recession has affected many English speaking countries, in particular the UK and certain parts of the USA. In contrast the Canadian economy went from strength to strength resulting in a huge demand for foreign workers and talented graduates to fill the labor shortfall.

6. Canada is rich in natural resources including oil, gas, zinc, coal, iron, graphite, copper, nickel, gold and diamonds. Canadians are prosperous and the economy is booming!

Quality of Life

7. Canada enjoys a high standard of living, excellent security and amazing economic opportunity. No wonder the United Nations has consistently voted Canada the best place in the world to live since 1994!

8.   Canada spends more than any other developed nation on its’ education and health care systems. Canada’s universities, colleges and hospitals have a strong international reputation for high quality.

9. Canadian cities are renowned for their safety with crime rates far below their counterparts in the USA and UK. Canada has strict gun control laws making it safe and secure for everyone to enjoy. Crime rates are among the lowest in the world and continue to decline.


10. Canada is the world’s second largest country with breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque national parks, idyllic lakes and stunning coastlines. Wherever you are based in Canada you will have immediate access to beautiful recreation areas!


11. Canada is a welcoming and friendly country and is incredibly safe, clean and modern.

12. Canada encourages immigrants to retain their unique culture and share it with their neighbors. Nowhere else is there such a diversity of cultures living together in a tolerant, peaceful society.

I Want to Study in Canada!

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