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B.C. Entrepreneur Immigration

We regularly receive enquiries from applicants regarding the BC Entrepreneur Immigration which re-opened in the summer of 2015.

BC is one of the most popular programs as many immigrants want to live and work in the province due to its exceptional lifestyle. However, immigrants facing removal is also rampant and the BC PNP Entrepreneur visa does not provide a simple and easy path to Canadian residence and doesn’t keep pace with the realities of the business world.

There almost a dozen steps which must be successfully negotiated before an applicant is able to apply for Canadian permanent residence. It’s always preferred that one get the aid of an immigration lawyer from fl-ilc to validate the facts. These steps vary considerably in length with the net result that it can take between 4 and 7 years for an BC Entrepreneur Immigration applicant to obtain permanent residence.

In addition to the time-scales involved it is worth noting that the BC Immigration office has an annual nomination allocation of 5,500. Of these 5,500 nominations approximately 2% to 5% will be through the BC Entrepreneur Immigration stream:

BC Entrepreneur Immigration

Invitations to Apply Issued

DateNumber of Invitations IssuedMinimum Score
March 31, 201617127
March 4, 201617130
January 29, 201617130
December 21, 201517128
November 9, 201518134

The number of invitations issued is based on the BC PNP’s annual nomination allocation and processing capacity to ensure timely processing of applications. Applications are expected to be processed within four months following the date of receipt of the complete application at the BC PNP office.

It is worth noting that the number of nominations is very small when compared to the number of registrations received. In addition, the score required to obtain an Invitation to Apply is set high due to the high quality of applicants that the BC Business Immigration team can afford to cherry-pick from. 


The revised BC Business Immigration program was an attempt to streamline the process and allow entrepreneurs to enter Canada and launch their ventures or purchase existing businesses. Another key element was to drive investment to northern BC away from Vancouver which has typically been the favoured destination in Canada for BC Business immigration applicants.

However, the BC business immigration path to permanent residence is one that will still take several years and contains many uncertainties.

Next Steps

There are other provincial business immigration programs which provide a quicker and slightly less complex path to Canadian permanent residence. For more information please contact us.

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