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Canadian Immigration for Artisans and Craft Persons

Canadian Visas for Artisans and Craft Persons

Artisans and Craft Persons who use manual and artistic skills to design and make ornamental objects, pottery, stained glass, jewellery, rugs, blankets, other handicrafts and artistic floral arrangements, makers of musical instruments and artistic floral arrangers are among the 100 eligible occupations who may qualify for Canadian permanent residence

To qualify for the Canada Self Employed visa, and Canadian permanent residence, you must prove that you have 2 years’ relevant self-employment experience as an artisan or craft person in the 5-years immediately preceding the date of decision of your application (see below for a list of eligible job titles).

You must demonstrate that you have the intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada. This is the most important element of this program and one that applicants completely overlook. A person’s financial assets may be a measure of intent and ability to establish self-employment in Canada.

Applicants are also assessed based on their education, experience, age, language ability, adaptability and ability to become established in Canada.

Significant Contribution

Applicants must not only meet the tests of experience, the regulatory definition of a self-employed artisan or craft person, the tests of intention and ability to become self-employed, they must also meet the test of significant contribution to Canada. This test ensures that frivolous or weak applications will be refused.

Benefits of Canadian Immigration for Artisans and Craft Persons

  • A job offer is not required.
  • No conditions on your status.
  • No need to purchase or establish a business before arrival in Canada
  • If successful, you and your family members will be granted Canadian Permanent Residence.
  • Fast processing time from the United Kingdom – 12 months or less.

Processing Time

Sterling immigration can secure experienced actors Canadian permanent residence within 12 months through the Canadian High Commission in London.

Eligible Occupations 

The list of eligible occupations includes several related job titles. If you have 2 years self-employed experience in one of the occupations below you may qualify for Canadian permanent residence:

  • Aboriginal art carver
  • Aboriginal craftwork instructor
  • artificial flower maker, hand
  • artificial flower presser
  • artisan
  • artistic bouquet designer
  • artistic floral arranger
  • artistic floral bouquet designer
  • artistic floral designer
  • arts and crafts teacher (except education)
  • bag maker – arts and crafts
  • balalaika maker
  • basket weaver
  • batik artisan
  • beadworker, hand
  • bellows maker
  • bookbinder, hand
  • candle maker, hand
  • caner, custom furniture
  • canoe builder – arts and crafts
  • canoe repairer – arts and crafts
  • carver
  • carver, Native art
  • carver, totem poles
  • case maker, hand
  • cello maker
  • ceramic artist
  • ceramic potter
  • ceramics teacher (except education)
  • ceramist
  • copperplate engraver – artisan
  • craft instructor (except education)
  • craft weaver
  • craftsman/woman
  • craftsperson
  • crocheter, hand
  • custom furniture caner
  • decorative engraver
  • dollmaker, hand
  • drum maker – artisan
  • embroiderer, hand
  • enameller – arts and crafts
  • enameller, hand
  • enamellist – arts and crafts
  • engraver, hand
  • engraver, metal
  • engraver, pantograph – arts and crafts
  • fabric artisan
  • fabric artist
  • floral arrangements designer
  • floral designer
  • glass blower
  • glass engraver
  • glass novelty maker
  • glass painter
  • glassworker, hand
  • goldsmith
  • guitar maker
  • hand beadworker
  • hand bookbinder
  • hand candle maker
  • hand carver, stones
  • hand carver, woodenware
  • hand case maker
  • hand crocheter
  • hand dollmaker
  • hand embroiderer
  • hand enameller
  • hand engraver
  • hand glassworker
  • hand knitter
  • hand leather worker
  • hand metalworker
  • hand needleworker
  • hand papermaker
  • hand quilter
  • hand rug maker
  • hand silk flower maker
  • hand spinner
  • hand stone carver
  • hand weaver
  • hand woodworker
  • harpsichord builder
  • instructor, crafts (except education)
  • jewellery artisan, hand
  • jewellery engraver
  • knitter, hand
  • lace weaver – arts and crafts
  • leather worker
  • leather worker, hand
  • machine engraver – arts and crafts
  • mandolin maker
  • master glass blower
  • master glassmaker
  • metal arts worker
  • metal engraver
  • metalworker, hand
  • musical instrument maker – artisan
  • nameplate engraver
  • Native art carver
  • Native craftwork instructor
  • needleworker, hand
  • panflute maker
  • pantograph engraver – arts and crafts
  • papermaker, hand
  • pipe organ builder
  • poker-work artisan
  • potter
  • presser, artificial flowers
  • pyrographer
  • quilter, hand
  • reproduction woodcarver
  • rug maker, hand
  • rughooker
  • scientific glass apparatus blower
  • screen printing artisan
  • silk flower maker, hand
  • silversmith
  • silverware engraver
  • spinner, hand
  • stained glass artist
  • stained glass designer
  • stained glass painter
  • steel engraver – arts and crafts
  • stone carver, hand
  • stringed instrument maker
  • teacher, ceramics (except education)
  • tepee maker
  • tie-dye artisan
  • tole painter
  • totem pole carver
  • violin maker
  • weaver – arts and crafts
  • weaver, hand
  • weaving instructor (except education)
  • woodcarver
  • woodcarver, reproductions
  • woodenware carver, hand
  • woodworker, hand
  • wreath maker

Canadian Immigration for Artisans and Craft persons. 

If you have 2 years self-employed experience in one of the occupations listed above we would like to hear from you.

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