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Canadian Spouse Visa

Apply for a Canadian spouse visa and receive permanent residence within  9 months.

Awards and Accreditations

If you are married to a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident, you will be eligible to apply for a spouse visa entitling you to move to Canada. Successful applicants receive permanent residence. 

Canadian immigration law is very flexible in providing inland and overseas sponsorship options so that you do not have to live apart from your loved ones for an extended period of time.

Canadian Spouse Visa Requirements

The main legal requirements you must satisfy are:

  • The relationship must be “durable and genuine.”
  • The marriage must not have been entered into in good-faith and not to for the purposes of acquiring status in Canada.
  • The couple must intend to live together in Canada. If the sponsor is a Canadian citizen living outside Canada they must prove they intend to return to Canada.
  • The Sponsor must be able to maintain and accommodate the applicant without recourse to public funds and sign an undertaking to provide for all of the applicant’s basic needs for a period of 3 years from their spouse’s arrival in Canada.
  • The foreign national must undergo health and character checks prior to their arrival.
  • The sponsor must not be precluded from sponsoring a foreign national.

Processing Times

Thorough preparation, persuasive representations and an extensive bundle of supporting documents can lead to much faster processing times by the Canadian Embassy. We regularly secure Canadian spouse visas within 6 months of submission through the Canadian High Commission in London.

We will advise you regarding the financial requirements, medical and security clearances and supporting documents required to ensure a successful outcome.

Canadian Spouse Visa Package

Our Canadian spouse visa package includes the following:

  • Advice regarding evidentiary requirements,
  • Detailed eligibility assessment of the Canadian sponsor,
  • Assessment of the relationship to ensure it will pass the durable relationship test.
  • Admissibility assessment for the foreign national,
  • Guidance and representation with security and medical clearances,
  • Completion of all legal forms and statutory declarations,
  • Drafting of affidavits detailing the chronology of the relationship,
  • Detailed legal submissions including case law, statute and policy guidance,
  • Interview preparation at the Canadian High Commission where necessary,
  • Tracking the status of your file and liaising with IRCC until visa issuance, and
  • Advice regarding post-landing procedures and residency obligations.

Our Services

The legal and evidential requirements for obtaining a spouse visa for Canada are becoming much more stringent. With spouse appeal waiting times increasing to 18 months, it is imperative that your application is well-prepared at the outset to ensure a successful outcome.

Sterling Immigration are committed to ensuring that you start an exciting new chapter in your family life quickly with minimal disruption and expense.

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