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Quebec Skilled Worker Program Lowers Qualifying Point Score

The Quebec skilled worker program is currently closed to all those that wish to immigrate to Canada. However, the program is due to reopen before the end of 2015.

The Quebec government has lowered the pass mark for its popular skilled worker program.  The Quebec program features more than 75 eligible occupations and areas of training that will enable applicants to qualify for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ), without a job offer.  Also, contrary to popular belief, applicants can qualify with minimal knowledge of the French language. Therefore, with the reduction in score needed to qualify, immigrating to Quebec is becoming more and more attractive to those who require a more certain outcome than applying to the rest of Canada’s provinces.

Points are allocated based upon criteria such as level of education, areas of training, work experience, whether you have family in Quebec and financial self-sufficiency. With the new threshold point score, an applicant must score at least 49 points, whilst an applicant with a common law partner or spouse must score at least 57 points.

A Quebec skilled worker will have to demonstrate that they intend to reside in the Province of Quebec and understand the Quebec labour market, regulatory requirements and culture. This will be tested during the application process and at a formal interview.

Applicants in a wide range of areas including Management and Financial Services, Engineering and Information Technology and Health Care, have the best chances to succeed under the Quebec Skilled Worker program.

The Quebec application selection process follows a two-step assessment process each with minimum cut-off scores.  Applicants with a passing score are issued a Quebec Certificate of Selection and may apply to the federal authorities for entry to Canada. Once admitted to Canada a permanent resident enjoys all the rights and freedoms of labour mobility throughout Canada provided under the Canadian Charter.

Quebec has received worldwide attention as a popular immigration destination.  Earlier this year the City of Montreal was rated by the Economist magazine, second to Toronto, as the best place in the world to live.

With this announcement, there is no better time to immigrate to Canada, so contact Sterling Immigration LTD today and start your journey to the beautiful country that is Canada.

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