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Why You Should Hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Many clients feel confident enough to prepare their own applications after reading through the Canadian immigration rules online or by having a consultation with a Canadian immigration lawyer. However, it is worth noting the following statistics involving cases submitted without the assistance of a Canadian immigration lawyer:

  • Over 30% of all Canadian immigration applications are returned to applicants for being incomplete,
  • Over 50% of all Canadian immigration applications are rejected,
  • Under the new Canadian Express Entry program over 55% of all applications submitted fail to meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for the first stage.
  • Of the eligible applicants who received an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence, approximately 60% were unable to file a valid application with all of the supporting evidence within the required 60 days.
Consequences of invalid or rejected Canadian immigration applications

If your Canadian visa application is invalid or rejected you will lose your processing fees. Returned or rejected applications can cost you many months if not years while you waited for a decision with the consequence that you may no longer qualify for Canadian immigration due to changes in the laws. If you have to resubmit your application it will go to the back of the queue.

The benefits of hiring a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

The benefits of hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer include:

  • You have an experienced guide to navigate you through the Canadian immigration process,
  • An assessment of all of your options and the assurance that you qualify for a Canadian visa,
  • Knowing that your supporting documents are all valid and meet CIC’s strict standards, 
  • Ensuring that there are no inconsistencies in the information and answers that you have provided,
  • Having the peace of mind knowing that you have not made any errors or omissions, and
  • Having the confidence that your Canadian visa application has a good chance of succeeding (we will assess the legal merits of your application and provide you with a guide as to the prospects of your case succeeding).

For further information about Sterling Immigration and how we can assist you with your Canadian immigration application, please contact us.

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